Profiling social Polarization

Updated: Nov 9, 2019

In a system of highly declining economic growth; where the interests of a selected few is respected than the interests of the state, the only thing anyone can envision is inequality, poverty and an unfair treatment. The effect of this could be chaotic. It is no different we hear of the huge demonstrations in Chile and Ecuador. The cities are burning! The Demonstrations are simply a response to the unequal distribution of the infrastructure and opportunities. Economic polarization is very evident in these countries. Not only is poverty so high but as the Suedeustche Zeitung reports, “das Wohlfahrtssystem kollabierte”. But how can welfare system work in an environment of high polarization?

The case is the same in many Asia Pacific nations and Africa sub the Sahara Desert. A system of absolute poverty, coupled with many other social and environmental challenges. The situation of Persons Living with Disabilities can only be worst in these countries. In most situations inclusive growth is not promoted, thereby, posing challenges to such persons to participate fully in economic and social development.

It should be recognized that, a lot has and is been done by governments, agencies and individuals to promote inclusive development. In Asia for instance, The Asian Development Bank (ADB) supports investment in education and essential public services, such as water and sanitation, which particularly benefit the poor and women ( This website publishes what the ADB does in eliminating inequalities; but to which extent does Persons with Disabilities enjoy the supports and provisions of the ADB? It is a shame that Persons with Disabilities are not mentioned as groups of people receiving supports from the ADB.

Employment Regulations in Indonesia stipulate that both Government and Private employers open up 20% of vacancies to Persons Living with Disabilities. In Ghana, the constitution states government incentives for Private companies which offers Job opportunities to Persons Living with Disabilities. This might probably include a tax cut down. But the rates of Persons with Disability seen begging on the streets are still on the rampage. Factors of economic development are obviously not made available for them.

In response to the stain of segregation and the realities of inequalities led to rise of civil right movements. A stronger society is one that everyone is treated fairly; where the boundaries of segregation and discrimination are removed for the easy participation of everyone irrespective of color, race, origin or physical (dis)abilities.

How do the legal system protects Persons with Disabilities in developing countries? What are the untold stories behind the increasing number of Persons with Disabilities running to the streets to beg every day before they can put food on their tables? What has been done and what should be done?

Answers to these and many other questions are what I seek to achieve in the next days as I journey to find answers. Join me as we bring the voices of these people to a hearing.

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