Persons with Disabilities have experienced exclusion and inequalities probably than any group of persons in the world. As a social phenomenon it is eminent that we have a different look and perception about not only Persons with Disabilities but also less abled Persons. By providing a Platform to share their experience and where to find help, Doingwelfare hopes to be part in the eradication of Discrimination not only against Persons with Disabilities but also the Aged because we know as people age they get less abled and might feel discriminated in many areas of society. The situation might even be worst in the Global South. This Platform seeks to also call on governments for improved welfare for Impaired Persons. 


Inequality in most developing countries still stand a big question if there is any attempt to eradicate measures to inequality and thereby allow inclusive and integrative living. I get bothered with this question and therefore seek to find answers in most of these countries in Asia Pacific, Africa and Latin America. I welcome your comments, contributions and critizism in my journey to lobby for Persons living with Disabilities and the social security for Pensioners in these countries.

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